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In a world where waste is a costly burden for both our planet and the companies that produce it, we like to say Waste is the New Luxury. Our society remains caught in the grips of excessive wastefulness. Almost ten years ago, we embarked on a transformative journey, upcycling the discards of producing our beloved products into remarkable, sustainable materials.
Our mission is two-fold: to replace virgin resources with these sensory, sustainable alternatives and to captivate and educate the final consumer along the way. CASTA is the material crafted from grape stalks – a waste generated during wine production.

We believe there is no better way to tell the story of the companies than through the waste they generate.

CASTA is crafted from grape stalks, one of the often-overlooked byproducts of wine production. Our design philosophy embraces the raw beauty of these stalks, utilizing them in their natural state to harness their inherent aesthetic qualities, captivating colors, and exquisite textures. This approach not only showcases the distinctive characteristics of each grape variety but also pays homage to the organic charm and rich history of winemaking.
CASTA stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainable design and the belief that even the simplest elements can be transformed into extraordinary creations.

The client brief for our collaborations has been centered around leveraging the waste generated by these companies as a narrative thread, showcasing the transformative power of sustainable design. Our target audience encompasses individuals and businesses that prioritize eco-conscious choices, seeking innovative solutions that embody both beauty and sustainability.

As a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainable practices, CASTA proudly carries the "Made in Portugal" label. Our skilled team, working in conjunction with our suppliers, ensures meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the manufacturing process, resulting in a product that meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.

With this material we have embarked on exciting collaborations with some companies from LVMH that are slated for release still in 2023. We have been working on several projects with MSC Cruises on their newest line on sustainable ships. We are helping to redefine luxury through sustainable choices.

CASTA has recently made it onto the Dezeen Awards 2023 sustainability longlist. From over 4,800 entries from 94 countries to Dezeen Awards this year, CASTA is one of the 15 sustainability projects that are in the running to win an award later this year in the Sustainability - Material Innovation category.

Materials Used

We recognize since the beginning the potential in waste materials to serve as valuable resources for the creation of new materials. Our journey has been deliberately understated online, as we understand that true innovation requires time, dedication, and meticulous effort. In an era where self-proclaimed material scientists flood social media platforms with their experiments, we have chosen to remain in the background, steadfastly working towards a robust and practical solution, that surpasses the realms of experimentation and can be seamlessly integrated into real-world applications.
Furthermore, the scalability and replicability of our design are key considerations. We envision a future where our innovative approach can be widely adopted, transforming waste materials across various industries.

Throughout our journey, we have had the privilege of exploring various grape varieties, each showcasing its unique characteristics. It is truly remarkable to witness the distinct qualities that different grape varieties possess. Just as these grape varieties yield diverse wines, we discovered that the stalks from different grape varieties produce distinct panels, giving birth to our product's name: CASTA (= "grape variety" in Portuguese), which represents the essence of each grape variety.
By embracing this diversity, we celebrate the richness and complexity that nature offers offering a one-of-a-kind product that merges sustainability, aesthetics, and the art of winemaking.

CASTA stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to material innovation and our commitment to solving the challenges of waste in a transformative way. Through our efforts, we strive to create a lasting impact on both the environment and the industries we touch.

A significant milestone achieved this year was the successful development of CASTA in block form (like cork), which opens new possibilities for the material, enabling its integration into a wide range of applications: wall coverings, furniture, packaging and interior design.


Our mission revolves around the crucial question: How much do we take from the planet and how much do we give back? At the heart of our approach is a commitment to fostering a closed-loop society, utilizing the waste generated by highly consumed and continuously produced products that we hold dear. By bringing visibility to the production waste, we create products that are not only cherished but also imbued with a sense of uniqueness and significance, reigniting our connection with the untapped value inherent in nature.

One prominent example of our transformative approach lies in the large quantity of residual grapes and stalks generated by the wine industry. Often, these wastes are either converted into ashes or simply disposed of in landfills. Such practices can lead to soil damage, air pollution, and the release of greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide during decomposition and anaerobic degradation. The concentration of grape stalks during specific periods further exacerbates potential pollution issues, contributing to global warming and climate change. Moreover, limited landfill space can result in additional challenges, such as odors and noise pollution.

CASTA addresses the pressing issue of waste in the wine production process while championing the principles of circularity and sustainability. By utilizing grape stalks and embracing re-use, we reduce the depletion of our planet's precious resources and champion the principle of keeping what we already have in use for the longest possible time. Our commitment to transforming waste into valuable resources paves the way for a brighter future, where industries, the environment, and consumers can thrive in unison.

Recognizing these environmental concerns, we have focused our efforts on repurposing grape stalks through CASTA. By transforming this problematic waste into a valuable resource, we not only minimize waste generation but also contribute to a more circular economy. Our core strategy revolves around maximizing re-use, breathing new life into grape stalks by upcycling them into sensory and sustainable materials. Through this process, we extend the lifespan of the waste material, reducing the reliance on virgin resources. We actively explore ways to incorporate recycled content and foster circularity throughout our manufacturing processes, further minimizing our environmental footprint.

Our materials capture the essence of each grape variety, infusing our panels with a captivating blend of texture, color, and sensory elements. The resulting CASTA panels reflect the inherent beauty and individuality of each grape variety, providing a unique and engaging experience for our clients.
This journey has allowed us to unlock the untapped potential of grape stalks, transforming them into remarkable materials that embody the spirit of sustainable innovation. As we continue to explore the world of grape varieties and their stalks, we are continuously amazed by the endless possibilities and the opportunity to create truly distinctive and meaningful designs. CASTA stands as a testament to our commitment to utilizing the natural diversity of grape varieties, offering a one-of-a-kind product that merges sustainability, aesthetics, and the art of winemaking.
Embracing the aesthetic nature, color variations, and textural nuances of grape stalks, we redefine the boundaries of design, offering a truly unique and captivating product that merges the worlds of wine and innovation.
The diverse range of colors, textures, and patterns found in the grape stalks enhances the artistic appeal of CASTA, offering a sensory experience that truly captivates the senses.
With CASTA, we not only offer a visually striking and sustainable material, but we also share the inspiring stories of our clients and their dedication to waste reduction. Together, we aim to redefine the narrative around waste and showcase the immense potential of innovative design in creating a more sustainable future.

By transforming this waste into a valuable resource, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy.

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