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Project/Product Name (written how it should appear)SPLASH-Design Inclusive ASMR Textiles
Project AddressWillowbrook House
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United Kingdom
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Client NameNanxi Ai
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In a world teeming with diversity, the extraordinary springs forth from the ordinary. Inspired by the captivating beauty of individuals encountered during a global journey, The project have come to appreciate the richness of our sensorial experiences, especially within autistic communities where we noticed that materials have a unique language that speaks to them. Believing in the transformative power of diversity, the SPLASH collection aims to catalyze a conversation on material inclusivity at a sensorial level. Through a process of sensory survey, the project builds a comprehensive understanding on people’s sensory experiences with colors and materials before design, envisioning a textile future where all sensory experiences are celebrated.

SPLASH is an upholstery textile collection that tells a tale of oneness, merging the organic fluidity of water with the structural beauty of Renaissance architecture. By blending these seemingly opposing elements, it reveals the concealed connectivity between all things and humanity. Through a collaborative design process involving diverse individuals, their shared feedback on their unique sensory experiences has guided the collection towards embracing a more inclusive design. This collaboration influences the design process of colours and materials, activate more inclusive ASMR—an euphoric and tranquil response to visual, sensory, and auditory stimuli within interior spaces.

Cost of material: 280 Pound
Completion Date: 6/06/2023

Materials Used

How does material speak to you?

The consideration of material usage in our collection is not just a matter of aesthetic appeal but a profound response to a critical pre-design stage inclusive sensory survey. Our motivation stems from a deep understanding of the adverse impact that inappropriate materials or colors can have on individuals with sensory differences. By acknowledging and addressing this issue, our project has sought to revolutionize the conventional design process, placing the power in the hands of the people it directly affects.

Our approach aims to amplify the voices of individuals with sensory differences, giving them a platform to articulate their preferences and needs. In the research process, Mcpartland Lab of Yale School of Medicine was involved in provided solid research grounding in helping us recognize that the choice of colors and materials can profoundly influence the well-being and emotional state of a wider range of audiences, far beyond what is typically considered in design. From there, we have came to an innovation of design process to selected colour and material from threads based on detailed survey’s feedback collected from people with diverse sensory experiences. Setting out to design interior textile that would not only be visually appealing but also trigger more inclusive ASMR, euphoric and tranquil responses, thus enriching the sensory experience for everyone.
In doing so, our collection serves as a pioneering exploration into how interior textiles and materials can be harnessed to embody the principles of inclusive design.

For these reasons, we believe our material usage deserves strong consideration for a Surface Design Award. Our work transcends mere aesthetics; it is a testament to the power of design to create a more inclusive and empathetic world. By celebrating neurodiversity through our materials, we envision a future where every individual's unique sensory experiences are not just accommodated but celebrated. The further design and collaboration will truly serves all members of our diverse society.


With a commitment to responsible design, the collection SPLASH has been developed with careful consideration of sustainability in the design process and material sourcing, aiming to reduce negative environmental impacts and support local communities.

First, the dyeing process of the collection incorporates range of natural dye recipes using traditional herbs and Indigo dye techniques, replacing many less-sustainable dye colors on the color swatches. The process has only used clean chemical that’s harmless to environment. This shift to natural dyes helps minimize chemical pollution in water and soil, indirectly benefiting local biodiversity. As the natural dye ingredients are sourced from less-developed areas in China, the involvement of local communities, particularly in regions where herbs are traditionally been cultivated in the North-west China has supports flourish local community participation, encourages fair trade practices, and provides access to education and training to small towns that plants the herbs. by natural dye techniques into contemporary textile design practices, traditional knowledge is preserved, and ancient design wisdom is revitalized.

Furthermore, throughout the entire project, the Swap Show at CSM serves as a key site for material hunting, enabling the testing and development of new ideas. By utilizing second-hand materials obtained from the Swap Shop, the collection aims to reduce the carbon emissions associated with producing new products and minimize greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and production. By make use of second hand material in the initial stages of the project, 100% of the materials and objects used in ASMR sensory survey process were sourced from the Swap Shop, built from founded materials. This approach allows for a diverse material matrix that would have been cost-prohibitive without second-hand materials.

Great emphasis was also placed on ensuring transparency in material sourcing. Materials and suppliers with clearly labeled sources and sustainable production processes were prioritized. This commitment aims to encourage the growth of a circular economy and design responsibly not only for the environment but also for the human community.

In conclusion, the SPLASH collection embodies a responsible approach to design, embracing sustainable dyeing processes, the use of second-hand materials, and transparent sourcing. By considering environmental impact and supporting local communities, the collection strives to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive textile industry.

Additional Comments

Image only included few selected design in the collection, See the video for the story of the splash collection.

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