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Polygood® from The Good Plastic Company is a solid surface material produced entirely from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, offering an unparalleled sustainable and practical choice. The product’s diverse patterns have a distinctive visual allure and can each be produced consistently over time and in large volumes due to a robust supply chain. This choice of material helps divert plastic away from incinerators, landfill, and the natural environment, and delivers the maximum benefit from precious resources by reusing them through the company’s take-back and remanufacturing programme, according to circular manufacturing principles. The product stands as a distinctive, large-scale offering compared with more artisanally produced alternative sustainable materials, giving clients the opportunity to make significant positive environmental impact.

Key points:

- Industrial volumes: we can supply projects requiring hundreds of square metres of material
- Upcycling approach: made from a single type of plastic to ensure further recyclability and circularity
- Take-back and remanufacturing programme
- Largest panel size available on the market: 1400 x 2800 mm, in a range of thicknesses
- Low lead times: large stock of standard patterns maintained, or 2-3 weeks made to order
- Superior quality: durable, waterproof, with UV- and fire-resistant options available on request
- Easy to work with: can be CNC routed, polished, sanded, thermoformed, drilled, glued etc.
- Cutting service: based on customer requirements

Polygood® is available in a category-leading wide range of patterns suiting every design context, from ones mimicking the colours and textures of natural stone to others that are brightly coloured and that make a virtue out of being obviously plastic in origin.

Polygood® is a pioneer not just because of the material’s environmental credentials but because of its remarkable versatility and adaptability, able to meet the requirements of applications across diverse market segments.

Key Market Segments and Applications:

1. Retail: point of sale/plinths, retail counters, exhibition booths, signage.
2. Office Spaces: furniture (reception desks, tables, seating), space division (partitions and shelving), wall panelling.
3. Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants): furniture, reception desks, tables, seating, wall panelling.
4. Bathrooms (within the KBB – Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom – market): shower enclosures, vanity units.
5. Educational Premises and Spaces: furniture, tables, seating, space division (partitions and shelving), wall panelling.
6. Decoration (Lamps, Furniture, and More): Polygood® also finds a prominent place in the sphere of decoration. Its versatility shines through creating decorative opaque or semi-translucent lamps, unique furniture pieces, and other aesthetically pleasing items that enhance interior spaces.

Some representative projects where Polygood® is used include:

1. Exterior cladding of the UK’s first Net Zero Carbon McDonald’s restaurant at Market Drayton
2. Embracing The Elements art installation by Benny Magennis presented at Bord Bia Bloom
3. The Given New furniture collection by Design Studio Felix Angermeyer
4. Reel coffee table collection by Tobia Zambotti
5. The Corner Street Store by Samji Studio and Benjamin and Alezra Architecte
6. Projects in collaboration with design studio Revolución Limo: Restaurante Azul Mediterraneo, Soho Hotel, and the Regina lamp collection by Robin.

Other clients include Nike, Adidas, Coach, Karl Lagerfeld, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, HSBC, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Spaces, and MVRDV.


1. Polygood® panels can be cut with woodworking tools, CNC machines or water-jet.
2. Polygood® panels can be connected at a 45-degree angle using acrylic glue. Additionally, they can be joined together with seals and screws or mechanically without additional tools.
3. The surface of Polygood® panels can range from a velvet matte to a glossy mirror finish; the panels can be sanded and polished.
4. Polygood® is a structural material that eliminates the need for wooden supports or other elements to achieve stability.
5. Polygood panels can undergo thermoforming to achieve any desired shape.
6. It’s possible to drill and see the panels, like wooden slabs.
7. Edges can be processed using milling attachments, whether a manual or machine milling cutter, to create a range of unique edge shapes. These shapes can vary from semicircular edges to intricate custom forms.

Materials Used

We have chosen to make Polygood® from polystyrene (PS), a durable and resilient type of plastic that provides excellent structural integrity and that also minimises resource usage and emissions in the recycling and manufacturing processes, aligning with eco-friendly principles. Its mechanical and aesthetic properties suit Polygood® to both structural and decorative applications.

The Good Plastic Copany partners with large recycling centres all over Europe that collect and sort plastics to ensure a reliable and high quality supply of material. They work both with post-consumer and post-industrial plastics.

We and our suppliers have audited procedures to ensure that we can guarantee the composition of our products to our clients. Because our suppliers are large-scale recyclers, we have the ability to produce our products consistently over time and in high volumes.

What distinguishes Polygood® is its extraordinary range of character, with each pattern originating from a combination of distinct waste sources, contributing to their unique back stories. The patterns stem from a wide range of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste streams, including sources such as refrigerators, single-use cutlery, household appliances, and manufacturing components. The wide range of distinctive designs suits every design context, from ones mimicking the colours and textures of natural stone to others that are brightly coloured and that make a virtue out of being obviously plastic in origin.


Polygood® holds Cradle to Cradle® certification, which puts it at the forefront of the sustainable surface materials segment, offering architects, designers, and brands a trusted solution backed by rigorous analysis, audit, and testing. Polygood® is the only plastic surface material to achieve this certification, solidifying The Good Plastic Company’s position as an industry leader in sustainable materials.

Polygood® was also granted the first verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for a plastic solid surface material. An EPD includes the assessment of a product’s environmental characteristics throughout its entire lifecycle. It covers the entire value chain, from material extraction to production, product use, and end-of-life disposal.

In addition to supporting a circular economy, The Good Plastic Company offers a Take-Back Programme for Polygood® panels. Recycling old panels and offcuts allows the company to reduce the carbon footprint and limit our environmental impact, as recycling materials demands less energy than manufacturing products from raw materials. This programme fosters a closed-loop economy focused on reusing materials instead of creating new waste.

CO2 information:

The production of Polygood® panels not only avoids CO2 emissions but actively reduces them compared to the production of new plastic from virgin feedstock.

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